How to make your new build into a home ...

How to make your new build into a home ...

How To Make A New Build Feel More Like Home

Buying a new-build property is a great option for many. There are advantages to being the first through the door. The place will be clean and newly decorated, you can move in with your boxes and furniture straight away, knowing all you have to do initially is unpack and relax.

Once you’re established, however you might look at your furniture in your new space and wonder what’s missing? Though the walls and woodwork don’t need to be repainted, the décor looks a little lacklustre. It’s time to put your mark on your new home, but where do you start and in which areas should you invest? The ideas below might inspire help you turn your new build into a home that reflects your personality.

Invest in quality curtains :
There’s nothing quite like the effect sumptuous long curtains make to a room. Investing in some custom-made drapes in a fabric you really love will lift and room and add a little everyday luxury to your home.

Personalise a bathroom :
While a bathing space in a new-build will be brand spanking new, chances are it won’t have too much personality. A simple change, such as a coat of paint, a new shower curtain or screen and a luxury bath mat set can make it your sanctuary.

Furnish with colour and texture :
If you find your new pad looks a little ordinary when you first move in, but one of the reasons you bought a new build was so you wouldn’t have to get out the paint roller, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to bring a little personality into your home without lifting a paintbrush. Soft furnishings such as cushions, rugs, bedspreads and throws can make a colourful impact with minimum effort and fuss.

Change a door :
If any of your rooms, especially receptions rooms and the hallway, feel dark, consider replacing the doors with new ones that include glass.  Or if you find yourself propping them open all the time, why not take them out completely and open up the space?

Landscape your garden :
Your new build probably come with seeded top soil or rolled turf in the garden. If you have a little cash left over, why not invest in your garden?
Find the sunniest spot to lay a terrace for al fresco dining. Greenery takes years to grow, so plant it up now and, in the meantime, go with temporary screening until your climbing plants take over.

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