Create your own ‘Staycation’ in Craigavad !

Create your own ‘Staycation’ in Craigavad !

5 Old Station Road, Craigavad is a fantastic 4 double bedroom, 3+ reception room large detached family home with its own swimming pool and pool house.

Swimming pools are something of a rarity in Northern Ireland. But having one lets you create your own ‘staycation’ –  with people travelling less as holiday costs continue to soar and some popular destinations have lost some of their appeal. Spending more time at home has never been so popular. Owning a home with its own swimming pool means that you have an instant holiday destination in your back garden. Somewhere for your children, friends and family to come and enjoy any good weather we are lucky enough to have.

With all the technology available families are constantly being pulled apart by the mountain of activities and the distraction of television, Ipads, mobile phones and gaming consoles. It can be hard to find quality family time, having the swimming pool at your back door can create an activity which involves the whole family.

Both adults and children alike benefit from the fitness component of owning a pool. Even with our generally colder weather the pool will be in use for 3 – 4 months of the year. Every activity in the pool involves exercise and it’s a no impact work out which gives those with medical issues a chance to move more easily while getting gentle exercise. Stress relief is another benefit as the pool eases away the stresses of the day having a quiet 15 minutes to yourself or playing with the children and listening to the laughter.


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